We’ve all received them.

We all hate them.

Robo Calls – the telephone calls that political candidates use to invade our privacy and are not stoppable because they are not subject to the National Do Not Call List.

And they’re not just used during campaigns anymore.

In the state of Florida for example, Governor Ric Scott has taken to robo calls to notify Florida residents of his great accomplishments from the prior weeks.

About once a week around dinner time I receive a phone call from someone who has withheld their caller identity, which proceeds to play a recording from Governor Scott sharing with me his positive actions for the state.

I did not ask him to call me and I do not care to be called. But I can’t do anything about it because political calls are exempt from the National Do Not Call List.

Other politicians do this as well, and millions of people would like it to stop but feel helpless, and currently have no recourse.

That’s where No Robo comes in.

We don’t want your name. We don’t want your money. We don’t want your email. We don’t want your address.

All we want is your vote.

You see, if we can gather enough data to show politicians we don’t want, or like these types of calls, we can start a dialog toward the creation of a robo do not call list.

I will personally share this information with the powers that be and show them with empirical data that their calls are unwanted and may in fact be diminishing their reputation.

And that is the key with Politicians.

If we can show that these calls are unwanted, and repeated calls actually lower a voter’s impression of the candidate, they may actually stop calling.

The last thing politicians want to do is alienate their constituents. If we band together and actually show them the numbers, then they may slowly start to get the idea that what they are doing is detrimental to their cause.

Even if they are unaffected by the results, it will show them there is a concentrated effort by voters to collect data that can be used down the road to restrict this type of invasion of privacy.

We don’t want to make these calls illegal – we just want a way to OPT OUT so we don’t receive their recorded phone calls.

This is a small effort.

But you always have to start somewhere and somebody has to step up and make the first move.

This is that first move.

All No Robo asks is that you complete the following poll as honestly as you can.

Once we feel there is sufficient data, I will personally embark on an effort to get the data in front of anybody that may be able to help – or at least listen to our cause.

I will seek out ears at the local, state and federal government levels, as well as consult legal counsel as to what steps can be taken to submit our data in a fashion that results in the discussion of a Robo Do Not Call List.

Maybe just getting the word out will be enough to spark action – or at least get their attention. And it all starts with a little bit of data representing the voter’s opinions in this country. Isn’t that how the process is supposed to work?

Will you help?

Just complete the poll below to help us in our cause.

I don’t have a bus like Sarah Palin. I don’t have a plane like the President. I don’t have a book like most politicians.

But I have this blog.

Check back for updates and action plans as we prepare to rid our lives of this unwanted and obnoxious type of telephone campaigning.

NoRobo Poll

Thank you.

If you would like to contact No Robo or feel you can help with our efforts please contact us.

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